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    Introduction to GDPR
    Our Introduction to GDPR course is essential training for your whole team. It covers key parts of the GDPR which affect your day-to-day business operations and uses real-life scenarios to test your knowledge.
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  • GDPR-for-DPOs
    GDPR for DPOs
    This eLearning course provides specialised training in the GDPR for DPOs and Designated Representatives. The detailed course content ensures your DPO or Designated Representative has the knowledge and tools to create and maintain a compliant data privacy programme.
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  • Back view over the shoulder shot of developer programmer with laptop. Program code and script data on the screen. Young freelancer in glasses working on project.
    GDPR for IT Professionals
    This Sovy Academy course incorporates specialist training modules for IT professionals in the GDPR, so that they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to build GDPR compliant systems and processes, with the support of your DPO or Designated Representative.
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