Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials

Tailored solutions to help your business adhere to the fundamentals of GDPR

Cookie Consent Manager

Classify your cookies

Describe your cookies

Manage subject access requests

Policies and Templates

Tailor your privacy policies

Approved by experts

Use clear language

GDPR eLearning

Knowledge-based training

Track your team's progress

Receive certificates of completion


Data Processing Records

Identify data processing activities

Determine legal bases for processing

Document data processing activities


Knowledge Portal

Access curated content

Read expert opinions

Understand terminology



Evaluate your organization against GDPR

Tailored report matches problems with solutions

Receive a bespoke compliance plan

Are you GDPR Ready? Find out how compliant your organisation is.

With the Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials, you can manage your compliance in the cloud with an affordable subscription. View our pricing plans today so you can get ready, get compliant and stay compliant.

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Custom solutions to fit your requirements

GDPR eLearning
Your learning system or ours; Support for thousands of learners
Introductory eLearning
Advanced eLearning
Cookie Consent Manager
Cookie Banner
Cookie Classification
Subject Access Request Portal
Compliance Tools
Data Mapping Self-Assessment
Basic Personal Data Inventory
Full Personal Data Inventory
Comprehensive Risk Assessment
Summary Statement of Compliance
On-Demand Compliance Reports
Policies and Templates
Privacy Policy Generator
Data Breach Response Templates
Document Tracking
Knowledge Portal
Regulatory Guidance
Advanced Regulatory Guidance
Access to Support
Priority Support
Advisory Services
Quick Start Set-up
Optional at checkout, $295 / two hours
Retainer and fixed-fee billing; Advisory and solutions integration
Privacy Programme Audit
Optional at checkout, $995 / one day
Data Protection Officer Support
Optional, starting at $1695 / year; contact us

Is the GDPR Good for Business?

Getting your business compliant with the GDPR can seem a daunting prospect and it can be hard to see the benefits with the huge potential fines looming.

GDPR Fines and Penalties Explained

The most widely discussed aspect of the GDPR are the fines and penalties. We explain how organizations can incur penalties for non-compliance and explore their impact.